Sorry to hear you are having some issues.

We suggest you try the following things below which typically solve 95% of all problems.

First let’s make sure you are going to the right page. I would first exit out of your browser and then retry the correct members link from your members welcome email. Try to copy and paste it into your browser and then login using your login info:

You should have your login info or email us here [email protected]

* make sure there are no additional spaces and that your password is in all capital letters

If it still doesn’t work it means you are having browser issues. We would try the following thing below to fix your issue.

Here are some additional things you should try:

#1 Delete the cookies in your browser, close your browser and try again.

Logout of the members area by going here

And then re login again

#2 Try a new browser such as Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, google chrome, safari.

There is some conflict in your browser causing issues so try a new browser.

#3 Make sure you have the latest version of your browser.

Update your browser and try again

#4 One of you plugins such as java or flash is old and out dated.

Make sure they are up to date.

#5 Try a different computer
#6 Your security settings may be too high.Try adjusting your settings

Let us know if this helps.


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