*New* The Surging Stocks Scanner and Course

These Surging Stocks Scans are simple but powerful…

The PTS Surging Stocks Scanner helps you find the stocks starting to surge before they are on most everyone else’s radar.

The PTS Surging Stocks Scanner also saves you time because instead of spending days looking over charts you can simply select the Surging Stocks Scan and it will be done for you almost instantly. Our proprietary method tracks the stocks movement over multiple time frames before they get added to the list.

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What's Included...

Surging Stocks and Power Surging Stocks

Finds the stocks which are surging now!

Bottoming Out Surging Stocks

Finds Stocks That Are Showing Signs of Surging Off The Bottom

Monster Momentum Surging Stocks

Gives List Of Strongest Stocks Which Are Showing Signs of Surging

Surging Stocks Course

Course Explains What You Are Looking at and Why these Stocks Are Important

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