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Steven Primo's Bracket Breakout Method

Scanner add on and Live Course

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What's included....

  • Steven Primo's Bracket Breakout Scanner To Find Trade Setup Candidates
  • PTS Primo Bracket Breakouts Proprietary Chart Add on
  • Live Class with Steven Primo
  • Detailed Instructions How To Find Bracket Breakout Setups
  • Ideal For Traders Who Want To Enter Just Before A Break-out Occurs
  • Ideal For Traders Who Feel They Always Miss The "Big Moves"
  • Perfect For Traders Who Want To Add To Their Core Portfolio Positions
  • The Market(Not You) Decides Which Direction You'll Be Trading
  • Doesn't Require Applying The Buy/Sell Line
  • Each Bracket Set-Up Comes With Pre-Defined Risk Parameters
  • Set-ups Are Not Based On "Pullback" Or "Continuation" Entries But A Special Proprietary Type of Breakout
  • Traders May Take As Long As They Want For A Set-Up To Be Triggered
  • Apply To Any Market And/Or Time Frame
  • Scanner Includes Advanced Scanner Options

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About ProTraderStrategies

The Builders of Pro Trader Strategies and PTS Primo Charts have a combined market and trading experience of nearly 100 years.  Having been active participants in the markets in the 19070's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000', 2010's  and 2020's as well as learning under some of the best legendary investing minds of our time.  Our goal is to pass along the market knowledge and wisdom we have discovered through our  journey of investing.

Most investors are given mixed messages or just plain bad information altogether which has led them to become frustrated and unsuccessful in the markets.  It is our goal to  help investors take the emotions out of their trading decisions, help them drown out all the useless opinions from so called experts and give them an easy to follow roadmap they can follow on their own to finally gain the confidence to make their own educated decisions.

ProTraderStrategies takes the highest quality investing education and has formatted it directly on your charts through PTS Primo Charts.  This allows for an easy to follow and seamless integration between what you learn and easily apply and practice what you learned right on your charts through our automated features.

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