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Steven Primo's Dynamic Stops

add on and Live 2 Part Course

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One of the most common statements we hear among new members is “My strategy generates signals just fine, but I get stopped out of the trade either too early or too late. What is the best possible stop placement for my trading?” If you’re experiencing these same issues with your own personal trading then our NEW 2 Class DYNAMIC STOP COURSE may be just what you’ve been looking for. Join Steven Primo, 44-year veteran trader and former Stock Exchange Specialist as he walks you through the many applications of this new proprietary Stop Tool designed specifically for members to trade any market and any time frame. In this educational presentation Steven will go into detail about some of the features that are included in the course:

What's included....

  • PTS Primo Dynamic Stops Proprietary Charts Add on
  • 2 Part Live Class with Steven Primo
  • Learn How to Use a Stop Based entirely on "Market Behavior" and not chart patterns, support and resistance, nor pivot points
  • DYNAMIC STOPS Can Be Applied To Any Strategy, Any Market, And Any Time Frame
  • Designed For Traders Who Get Stopped Out Way To Early
  • Perfect For Traders Who Want To Add To Their Core Portfolio Positions
  • Designed To Keep Traders Positioned In Long Trending Markets
  • May also be applied as a "stop-and-reverse" set-up
  • For Traders Who Want Proprietary And Auto-Generated Stop Levels.
  • Stop Placement Alerts(coming soon)
  • Works with any Steven Primo Strategy or Your Own Custom Strategy
  • Signup Now and Get Live 2nd Bonus Class On How to Trade this Using the PETD(PETD Not Included)
  • BONUS- Dynamic Stops Can Be Applied As A Trading Technique! Steven Shares 3 Methods.

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