[Webinar] PTS Primo Charts Q&A – Beginners

Join us in a series of 3 presentations, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. In these presentations, you will learn about the different topics available on PTS Primo Charts. The Beginners presentation will be about: - The Multidatafeed Version - How to connect to multiple data feeds and different data feeds available - The Onboarding Icons […]

[Webinar] Identifying “Cluster” Set-Ups

“Cluster” signals are high probability set-ups that appear over and over again in today’s markets. But these signals are usually generated by applying a particular type of method...what is it? Join Steven Primo, former Stock Exchange Specialist and 45-year veteran trader as he teaches you how to “Identify Cluster Set-Ups.” In this educational webinar Steven […]

[Webinar] Options Guide -Cracking the Code – Lesson #19 Short Iron Butterfly

The Short Iron Butterfly is a limited risk options strategy that profits when the strategy decreases in value.  The Short Iron Butterfly decreases in value for several reasons, which we will discuss in-depth throughout this webinar but this will generally be the case when the underlying stock, ETF or Future remains in a tight trading […]