Steve Primo EMINI Swing Trader Strategy #7 Pro Trader Strategies

“As good as an equity trader Steven is, he’s in my opinion a great Emini trader. I’m fortunate to be friendly with a number of successful Emini traders and Steve is amongst the best. As I mentioned to his business partner, if given the opportunity, Steven is one of the very few people I would allow to manage my money trading Eminis.”

~ Larry Connors-Best Selling Author of Street Smarts and CEO of Tradingmarkets and Connors Research Group

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You get Emini Strategy #4, Emini Stratgey #5 and Emini Strategy #7 for $2495(Save $1500 limited time offer)


Steve Primo’s EMINI Swing Trader Strategy #7 Online Course


You get Emini Strategy #4, Emini Stratgey #5 and Emini Strategy #7 for $2495(Save $1500 limited time offer)



Learn all of the rules of EMINI Strategy #7

  • Designed to Trade the S&P EMINI, Russel Emini, SPY, DIA, QQQQ’s…
  • Average Trade lasts 1-3 Days
  • Uses the overnight Session For Main Entry
  • Can also be used as an accurate timing indicator.
  • Learn how to identify when a trade is setting up
  • Learn exactly where to buy
  • Learn exactly where to sell
  • Learn advanced trade management techniques

You get Emini Strategy #4, Emini Stratgey #5 and Emini Strategy #7 for $2495(Save $1500 limited time offer)



Emini Strategy #4(Works on both intraday and daily bars)


  • Designed to Trade Quick Momentum Moves
  • Trades In Any Time Frame Which Means You Can Almost Always Find Trades
  • Trades In Any Direction So You Can Trade In Both Strong And Weak Markets
  • Average Trade lasts 5-30 Bars So You Aren’t Tied To Your Computer All Day
  • Learn To Be On The Right Side Of The Market To Help Avoid Losses
  • Learn To Manage Your Stops Properly In Order To Minimize Any Trading Losses
  • Learn The Best Times To Trade So You Can Free Up Your Time
  • Learn How To Identify A Higher Risk Trade In Order To Help Avoid Big Losses
  • Learn Advanced Trade Management Techniques In Order To Cut Down Your Risk Per Trade
  • Learn Advanced Exit Techniques In Order To Potential Enhance Your Winners By 2-3 Times


  • Learn exactly where to consider buying
  • Learn exactly where to consider selling
  • Learn Steve Primo’s advanced trade management techniques
  • Learn when to stay out of a trade


1 Min Bars


Tick Bars


10 Min Bars




Emini Strategy #5




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