Primo Stock Strategy #8


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Although #8 can be applied to all markets, we have found that it has been more consistent on Daily Stock set-ups. This makes the strategy ideal for both stock traders along with stock option traders who are looking to time their entries off the daily bars. For this reason, it is labeled a “stock-only” strategy.

The method is based on the concept that historically there has still been more room for upward or downward advancement based on pre-established momentum. This is when and where #8 set-ups occur, when most traders have discarded and over-looked the equity. Strategy #8 has shown to often times generate signals just before a strong, powerful move.

  • Stock only Strategy
  • Ideal for Option Players
  • Only applies 2 common indicators
  • May use either Dynamic exits (based on market behavior) or Discretionary exits (personal judgment)
  • Signal setup bars auto-generated on PTS Primo Charting platform
  • Steven Primo Teaches You All The Rules Of The Strategy(Not A Black Box)
  • Designed To Trade Strong Trending Stocks
  • Learn 2 Types Of Exits Dynamic Exit/Discretionary Exit
  • Trade setups usually Last 1-5 Days/Bars