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​The *New* P​TS-XT Extreme Trend Tool


​The *New* PTS XT Extreme Trend Tool automatically Identifies Extreme Trend Momentum areas ​regardless of what market or time frame you are trading.

​ Traders who only trade while in the “Extreme Zone” have shown to have had higher probability set-ups than in normal market environments. Take your trading to the extreme with the NEW PTS XT Tool

​PTS XT- Extreme Trend Tool

​The *New* PTS Extreme Trend Tool automatically identifies Extreme Trend Momentum Areas regardless of what market or time frame you are trading.

​Traders who only trade in the "Extreme Zone" have shown to have had higher probability set-ups in normal market environments

​$4995 Early Bird Pre-Launch Pricing $4,495 (Save $500) and New Customers get 12 months on PTS Primo Charts

    • Identifies high probability extreme-trending zones
    • Trading in these zones will increase your odds for consistency
    • Trading ONLY in these zones will keep you out of choppy/whipsaw markets
    • These zones pinpoint the "low hanging fruit" areas for trading
    • The PTS-XT allows you to trade any method or strategy that is in sync with them
    • Can be applied as a market timing tool that tells you when to be in or out of the markets of of a particular sector
    • Eliminate trading traffic jams and congestion-
      ​When the market is in a range or whipsaw environment it's the same as a traffic jam or congestion. This is where most traders lose money. The PST-XT usually won't color the bars under those conditions so as an added advantage you can also stay away from those trading areas as well.
    • See right on your chart when in the PTS XT Extreme Trend Zones for better buying and selling decisions.
    • Also comes with the PTS XT Scanner to pull up current setups
    • Works in all markets
    • Works in all Time Frames

Also Included with the PTS XT Extreme

​PTS XT Extreme Scanner

​Scan for the latest Bullish and Bearish PTS Extreme XT Setups

​PTS XT Extreme Heat Maps

​Get a better look by switching to the PTS XT Extreme Heat Maps

​PTS XT Extreme PIE and % View

​See what the % breakdown is of PTS XT Extreme Results.

View Overall Results for  Bullish, Bearish and No Signals

​PTS XT-Extreme Trend ​Chart Indicator (Blurred)

​See the PTS XT-Extreme Trend right on your chart

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