PTS Primo Charts How-To Videos!

Here they are!
Basic Training Videos in all of our most popular ProTrader Strategies!

Section 1. PTS Primo Charts New Trader’s Basic Training

 Using PTS LEVEL 1

 Using PTS LEVEL 2

 Using PTS LEVEL 3

 Platform Walkthrough

Section 2. Setting Up Your Primo Charts

 Opening Charts

 All About Templates

 Chart Tools

 Indicator Settings


 Portfolio Manager

 Symbol List


 Previous Day’s Scanners

 Confirmation Price

 50% Entry Price

 Range Extensions

 Custom Crosshairs

 Other Options

 Paper Trading

 Changes v163

Section 3. Scanners

Strategy Scanner

Strategy MultiScanner

PET-D Master Scanner

Multi Candlestick Pattern Scanner

Stock Strategy Scanner Package

*New* Industry Action Dashboard

Section 4. Getting Around In Primo Charts

 Intro to Buy/Sell Line

 Top/Bottom 25%

 Custom Crosshairs

 Building Watch Lists Using Portfolio Manager

Your Daily Routine On PTS Primo Chart

Using Your Free Paper Trading Accounts


Media and News

Section 5. PTS Primo Strategies Options

 Adding a Strategy to a Chart

 Signals Scanner

 Confirmation Entry Price

 50% Entry Price

 Range Extensions

Section 6. Using PET-D on Primo Charts

 Candlesticks and the PET-D

 Adding the PET-D to a Chart

 Difference Between the PET-D Fast and Slow 1

 Difference Between the PET-D Fast and Slow 2

Trading The PETD with Other Strategies For Confirmation

Section 7. STEPS — Short Term Entry Points

How to Use STEPS

 Class #1 — How to Use STEPS on Primo Charts

 Class #2 –Introduction to STEPS

Class #3 — Adding STEPS to a Chart

STEPS Arrows

STEPS Scanner

Section 8. Options Trading

Finding High-Probability Setups with Options

Using Volatility Crush

Timing Strategies

Section 9. Stock Selection

Building Your Watchlist

 Scanning For The Strongest Stocks

Scanning for the Strongest Stocks

Section 10. Members Area

How To Use PTS Primo Charts Video Section


Learning Center

Course Access

Coming Soon

Chat Room

News Reader

Trade Tweets


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