Steve Primo  Swing Trader Strategy #7 

“As good as an equity trader Steven is, he’s in my opinion a great Emini trader. I’m fortunate to be friendly with a number of successful Emini traders and Steve is amongst the best. As I mentioned to his business partner, if given the opportunity, Steven is one of the very few people I would allow to manage my money trading Eminis.”

~ Larry Connors-Best Selling Author of Street Smarts and CEO of Tradingmarkets and Connors Research Group

Steve Primo’s Swing Trader Strategy #7 Online Course

Stock, ETFs, Forex, Futures Swing Trading
$1995.00 $1495 (Save $500)


$1995.00 $1495.00 (Save $500) 


  • Designed to Trade Stocks, ETFs, the S&P EMINI,  EMICRO Markets, SPY, DIA, QQQQ’s…
  • Average Trade lasts 1-3 Days
  • Uses the overnight Session For Main Entry
  • Great for Swing Trading
  • Can also be used as an accurate timing indicator.
  • Learn how to identify when a trade is setting up
  • Learn where to buy
  • Learn where to sell
  • Learn advanced trade management techniques
  • Email Steve Primo for educational questions once you become a member
  • Can Be Used For Both Long And Short Trade Bias


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