FOREX Trading Strategy #4-Momentum Swing Trader


$695 (Buy now and get software add on)


  • Learn To Trade The Currency Pairs That Have a High Probability To Move Higher.
  • All Time Frames: 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 min, 240 min, daily and weekly bars
  • Designed To Trade Quick Momentum Moves Both Long And Short.
  • Learn All The Rules Of Strategy #4
  • Learn Exactly Where To Place Your Stops
  • Learn How To Set Your Profit Target Before Taking The Trade
  • Immediate Online Access To All the Rules And Course Materials
  • Access To Instructor And Veteran Trader Steve Primo With Any Questions You Have


Here are some recent  setups:

Patiently wait for trade setups on the right side of the market.

Strategy #4 trades both long and short

Quit trading against the real trend!!

Learn Entry Price And Basic Stop Placements.

$695 (Buy Now And Get Strategy Scanner and Software Add on as a Bonus)


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