Stock Strategy #1

stock_s1Learn how to identify high momentum stocks with 1-7 day price surges PLUS:

Run Nightly Scans:

  • for the Strategy #1 Setups
  • ideas for where to place your stops and
  • possible profit targets.

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Stock Strategy #2

stock_s2Pullback Trader Strategy #2 Online Course

  • A simple pullback strategy that relies on the RSI for it’s entry and exit signals.
  • Traders will find that this strategy produces quick, low risk trades.


Stock Strategy #3

stock_s3Learn to Trend Trade Two Full Strategies using Bollinger Bands®

This is Steven Primo’s FULL Bollinger Bands® Course where he teaches you the following:

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Stock Strategy #4

stock_s4Do You Want To Learn How To Trade Like A Stock Exchange Specialist?

Learn how to identify the best high momentum stocks with 1-7 day price surges PLUS:

Former Stock Exchange Specialist Will Give Teach You All Of The Rules Of His Favorite Strategy Plus:

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Stock Strategy #8

stock_s8Here is More Info On Primo Strategy #8 Course:

  • Steven Primo Teaches You All The Rules Of The Strategy(Not A Black Box)
  • Designed To Trade Strong Trending Stocks
  • Learn 2 Types Of Exits Dynamic Exit/Discretionary Exit
  • Trades Last 1-5 Days/Bars

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Stock Strategy #9

Here is More Info On Primo Strategy #9 Course:

  • Trades In Any Market or Time Frame
  • Trades Trending Stocks with Sharp Pullbacks

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Stock Trading College


It’s Simple. If You Want to Trade Like a Pro …

You Need to Learn From a Professional Trader!

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Full Stock Elite Trader Package (Includes All Strategies)

Stock-Trading-CollegeLearn From Wall Street Veteran And Former Stock Exchange Specialist Steve Primo How To Be A More Consistent Stock Trader.

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